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Monday, March 30, 2009

Guest Blogging

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'm blogging at:
Stop by and enter to win either a copy of Darkness Revealed or Seducing the Viscount!!!

Hope to see you there,


Cecile said...

Already been there!!!! I finally finised Cezar and Anna's story this weekend... and oh my yummy! It was a delicious story!! I am still loving the way you keep the "friends" in the group... especially poor Levet!!! I love that little guy! I canNOT wait for December to get here!!!! It is already on my Christmas list!!!
Hope you have a great day Ms. Alex!

Barbara said...

Thanks again for everything, Alex!!


I'm looking forward to reading both books!

neyney said...

Hey Alex,

Saw only a few copies of your latest Darkness book at my local Borders but they were on the top shelf and were being promoted. I asked the salesperson and he told me that they've been selling quite a few copies. This is a huge Borders too, so good job and here's hoping they sell out (because I have my copy and don't mind now lol)

Deborah Raleigh said...

Thanks so much for letting me know neyney!!! That's wonderful news :) I'm hoping their flying off the shelves. And thanks to all for stopping by the contest.

neyney said...

My friend Liz's book "Defiant" has been nominated by the Romance Writers of America for Best Regency under the Golden Heart award for new writers!!!! I'm so excited for her and I hope she wins. I love Romance and Romance writers!

arwen_adora said...

YAY! Haven't been able to find VISCOUNT in stores so I'm glad there's a chance to win it!!!
MMMmmm Ian haha!!!
YAY Levet!!! I hope he's in every story! :)
Glad you're guest blogging and hope you meet some really cool authors!
Hope they are levet fans too! haha!!!
Keep smiling/writing Alex!!! :)