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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A chance to win Bayou Heat!!

Stop by Book Monster Reviews and enter the BAYOU HEAT SUPER GIVEAWAY! I'm giving away 10 ebooks of Raphael/Parish + 10 Bayou Heat SWAG packs (which will also include random author SWAG too). Already read the book? No worries! You can still enter - I will gift an eBook to a friend or family member of your choice and you'll win the SWAG. :-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A wonderful review from smexy books!!

Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright have partnered up on a new series that has started the paranormal romance genre off right in the new year! Bayou Heat is a set of two novellas that weave together to start a story arc that is guaranteed to please. So far two more double novella releases are planned. The first novella is Raphael’s story and introduces you to the world of magic lands, sexy puma shifters and the lush Louisiana Bayou. We immediately meet Ashe, the spirited daughter of a drunken, neglectful mother who is inexplicably pregnant with only flashes of memory of her mysterious lover. Recognizing Ashe as his mate and scenting his babe within her (I LOVE when these males use their…scent abilities *wink*), puma shifter Raphael sets out on a collision course that pits his magical race’s fears, ancient beliefs and desperate hope against the small chance that his unexpected and destined union with Ashe is the key to unlock the secret to saving the barren Wildlands. However, danger is paramount, when an unknown and unfamiliar enemy sets out to destroy this spark of life. Barely escaping the cross hairs of mysterious assassins, Raphael whisks Ashe and his unborn cub to his race’s sacred Wildlands where she can be protected and cared for, however, Ashe’s human nature requires the professional care of a OBGYN- and naturally Raphael demands a female doctor to care for his new mate. Rough edged and insanely close to his animal, Parish is charged with liaison duty and the string of events that brings Doctor Julia Cabot into the fold of the Wildland community is hilarious. Recently spurned in love and looking for a new direction, she is not remotely prepared when Parish comes barreling into her life. Parish harbors a deep hatred for humans but there is something about Julia that soothes his hunter spirit. Just as you think things are set to work out for the pair, the danger that Raphael and Ashe narrowly escaped has infiltrated the sacred magical land and poised to strike. The novellas are fast paced and unbelievably sexy- I mean taking a break to pant between page turns sexy- and draw you into this world of sensual awakening and love. The puma shifters are not your garden variety aggressive and possessive males. My favorite part is easily Julia’s first dinner at the boarding home Parish decides she will stay in where he can protect her (of course). Julia is aroused beyond measure and… "Perhaps you should retire, Miss Julia. Might I suggest a bath?" She sighed. "With soap." At first Julia was so consumed with the aggressive banter of the two males at the table she didn’t catch the woman’s meaning right away. But when she did, she closed her eyes and winced with humiliation. She was turned on thinking about Parish and every damn feline in the room could smell it… Ivy and Wright have broken the mold and crafted a smart and exciting tale that leaves you not only wanting more- but wanting EVERYTHING. I think I’ve found a great new world to escape to!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bayou Heat is out!!!

To celebrate the release of Raphael and Parish's story we have the ebook on sale!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Twitter Party

Laura and I are doing a Twitter Party for the release of the first book in the Bayou Heat series. There's some great prizes if you'd like to pre-register! Just go here:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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