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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Audio book giveaway on Goodreads!!

Woot! The fantastic Tantor is giving away 5 audio copies of WHEN DARKNESS COMES!! Enter here:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Audio Books!!

So excited to have the Guardians in audio books!! Below are the links if you want to check them out!! When Darkness Comes 06/03/2013 Embrace the Darkness 09/16/2013 Darkness Everlasting 09/30/2013 Darkness Revealed 10/15/2013 Darkness Unleashed 10/28/2013 Beyond the Darkness 11/11/2013 Devoured by Darkness 11/29/2013 Bound by Darkness TBA Fear the Darkness TBA Darkness Avenged TBA

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A fabulous review from Fresh Fiction!

Reviewed by L Walker Posted September 14, 2013 Romance Alexandra Ivy reaches into her past works and reintroduces MY LORD ETERNITY, the second book in the Immortal Rogues series about three vampires chosen to protect the keepers of three magical amulets. Each amulet is a piece of the sacred medallion the great Nefri used to create the place of peace for vampires, known as the Veil. While most vampires choose to exist peacefully in the Veil, there are some among their kind that seek out power, race dominance and stubbornly refuse to abandon the old ways of blood lust that made them unsafe among humanity. Nefri not only magically binds each amulet to a human maiden she feels is worthy of it's keep but also sends a trusted vampire guardian to watch over the bearers of the amulets. Lucien Valin is a vampire of pure heart and finds humans quite interesting. Unlike most of his vampire brethren, Lucien has a fondness for humans; often finding himself drawn in fascination to beautiful human females. When he is chosen by Nefri to be the guardian and protector of Jocelyn Kingly, he willingly accepts his mission as it allows him to leave the Veil and return to the world of humans. Lucien does not anticipate the strong physical reaction he has to Jocelyn but is further captivated by her willingness to help those of her kind in need. A vampire only has one chance at their true mate, and the young woman that he has promised to protect might turn out to be the one his immortal soul never forgets. Chosen by Nefri as a keeper of one of the sacred amulets, Jocelyn Kingly, once the most sought after prize in high society, is barely managing to make ends meet since being disowned by her parents and cast out of her life of comfort. Trying desperately to make a life of her own after a devastating social scandal, Jocelyn agrees against her better judgment to allow the handsome an alluring Lucien to rent some vacant rooms in her modest London home. Fueled by her desire to help others, Jocelyn finds herself getting closer to the charming tenant as he manages to inject himself quite frequently into her daily routine. As a keeper of an amulet, Jocelyn soon finds her world turned on it's head as the evil vampire Amadeus sets his sights on obtaining her amulet, stopping short of nothing to achieve his goal. MY LORD ETERNITY is a well written, classical style story that takes place in a time long before most of the books in the Guardians of Eternity series. This book and I am sure the whole series will certainly remind you of how far times have come in respect to what was once considered scandalous and proper behavior. The author provides more insight to the creation of the Veil, the earlier vampire society and manages to create a hero that steals the spotlight in most of the book. Learn more about My Lord Eternity SUMMARY To other vampires, mortals are weak, uninteresting creatures. To Lucien Valin, they are infinitely fascinating. Especially Jocelyn Kingly - once the prize of London society, now an outcast. As the vampire assigned to guard her, Lucien is relishing his task. But her beguiling goodness puts her in terrifying danger. Not just from the traitor intent on claiming her mysterious amulet, but from the desire Lucien struggles to keep in check. Youthful infatuation already cost Jocelyn her good name. But even with little to lose, instinct tells her that accepting Lucien as a tenant in her home is a devil's bargain. As she roams London's streets at night, helping the most wretched, she feels a dark force drawing near. And Lucien - magnetic, charming, irresistible - may turn out to be her saviour, her lover, or the means to change her destiny forever.