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Friday, October 30, 2009


Hello to all, I hope everything is going well. Here the endless rains have managed to flood my basement so I've spent my soggy days trying to dry out the house...sigh. I also received my copy edits for Salvatore's story, which is great, but I'm soooo far behind on everything I want to crawl in bed and forget the world :( Anyhoo, I've updated the News sections of the web site so I hope you'll check it out. I have dates of some upcoming books as well as my booksigning! I'll post pictures whenever I get a chance. Oh, and if you've won a book in one of my contests I swear I'll get it in the mail as soon as I'm done shop vaccing the basement.

On a brighter note, it's almost Halloween. I intend to rest my aching back and watch the live Ghost Hunters...maybe with some hot chocolate and popcorn.

What are your plans???

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chance to Win!!

Make sure you stop by Literary Escapism and enter to win a copy of one of my books!! See ya there : )

Monday, October 26, 2009


Oy it's soggy and yucky here...AGAIN! I'm truly sick of this weather. On a happier note, I have redesigned the site so I can more easily update the news page! I hope you'll stop by there to keep up to date with what's going on with the Guardian series and for any announcements of upcoming tour dates!

Yeah, it's Halloween week, which I love. All the shows will have a Halloween theme and I LOVE the Ghost Hunters live broadcast :) Other than that I'll be plugging away at the books and trying to recover from my son's visit. Good lord, I forgot how much he and his friends can eat...I feel like Old Mother Hubbard and sadly, I'd rather go hungry than get out in the dreary rain!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


There have been a few sightings of Darkness Unleashed hitting the shelves...and I know Barnes and Nobel have been shipping them. For some reason it was available on Kindle and then suddenly it wasn't *shrug* who can say :) I'm excited for everyone to read Jagr's story...he was absolutely one of my favs. I just love a tortured hero! I'm also excited about a few upcomin events I'll be doing. I'm reorganizing the web site so I can update the news section and let everyone keep up with my booksignings and chats. I hope some of you can stop by and say hi!! In the meantime I'm working on Tane's story (another vampire) as well as the historical vamp story. And best of all, my oldest is home from college for the weekend...yeah!

So what are you up to?


Monday, October 19, 2009


Okay, I've thrown all the names in a hat and pulled out:


Congrats! If you'll send your snail mail address to I'll get the book in the mail!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Blatant copy cat :)

Okay, I received my author copies for Darkness Unleashed (still lovin' the cover!) so I've decided to hold another contest. This time I'm stealing an idea from other authors who have started a fascinating trend of asking the contestants to make a mention of the book somewhere on the web...any blog (including your own) or just chitchatting with your friends and saying just how excited you are about the book :) If you mention the book more than once, then I'll put your name in the hat the two or three or four times...just answer here in the blog with the links to where you spoke about the book!!!

I hope this isn't confusing and that you have a good time with it :) I'll announce the winner next Friday!

Good Luck,

Monday, October 5, 2009

peek at cover

I just received the art work for Salvatore's story!! What do you think???

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Good grief, I can't believe that it's already October! The new shows have all started, do you have a favorite? I have to admit I haven't managed to catch alot of them, but I do enjoy the Vampire Diaries (although True Blood is still my fav) and I'm excited about the new season of Heroes.

What's your fav?