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Friday, October 30, 2009


Hello to all, I hope everything is going well. Here the endless rains have managed to flood my basement so I've spent my soggy days trying to dry out the house...sigh. I also received my copy edits for Salvatore's story, which is great, but I'm soooo far behind on everything I want to crawl in bed and forget the world :( Anyhoo, I've updated the News sections of the web site so I hope you'll check it out. I have dates of some upcoming books as well as my booksigning! I'll post pictures whenever I get a chance. Oh, and if you've won a book in one of my contests I swear I'll get it in the mail as soon as I'm done shop vaccing the basement.

On a brighter note, it's almost Halloween. I intend to rest my aching back and watch the live Ghost Hunters...maybe with some hot chocolate and popcorn.

What are your plans???


Jaime said...

sorry to hear about the basement....hope that gets resolved soon...I wish I could go to one of your book signings..but since I live in Canada that doesn't seem possible:(...can't wait for Salvatore's story..anxiously big plans for me on Halloween..going to give out bags of Dorritos to the kids...have a great one!!

Alexandra Ivy said...

I miss giving out candy. We live in the country now so we never get trick or treaters. Of course you know what that means...more candy for me and my expanding hips :)

Cecile said...

OH Ms. Alexandra... If I lived closer, I would offer to help you to vacuum out the basement!! I hope all comes out for you!

I will say some happy news... I finally bought my copy of DU an I can not wait to start reading it!!!! Really, I can not wait!!!!

Next note... Today is my birthday and I went to Borders and I fixed the shelf where your books where... my sister thought I was crazy and then I had to explain... that is a new book and deserved to be "shown" properly, lol!!! Then tomorrow, we are giving candy out for the trick or treater's... and then we are having a birthday/costume party (adult) tomorrow night!!!
I hope you have a relaxing weekend!!!

Alexandra Ivy said...

Huge bday wishes!!! And thanks sooooo much :) I can't begin to tell you how important word of mouth is to an author.

Cats Meow said...

That sounds like a wonderful plan (not the shop vaccuing). I think I'll pass on the hot chocolate and substitute Latte.
Have a great Halloween.

Alexandra Ivy said...

I might substitute the hot chocolate with a shot of Jack!

Cats Meow said...

LOL. Forget the latte. Jack's a much better idea!!! After the week you've had, you deserve it.

Rose, cambio y fuera. said...

Oh, I hope you can rest soon ^_^

I have costum party YEY!!

Ada said...

Sorry 2 hear about ur little dilemma. Hope all pans out.
Can't seem 2 put down ur l8test, DU, down. FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC always! U should come 2 MTL 4 a bksigning. We would luv 2 have u here.
Re Halloween, taking my boyz(9 & 7 yrs old) trick or treating 2nite. Keeping fingers crossed & toes 4 that matter that it doesn't rain. I hope u all have a tasty Halloween!

Alexandra Ivy said...

Yeah, Ada, I'm soooo glad! Oy, I wish I were going to a costume party...a few hours of being someone else seems just about perfect right now :)