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Friday, October 9, 2009

Blatant copy cat :)

Okay, I received my author copies for Darkness Unleashed (still lovin' the cover!) so I've decided to hold another contest. This time I'm stealing an idea from other authors who have started a fascinating trend of asking the contestants to make a mention of the book somewhere on the web...any blog (including your own) or just chitchatting with your friends and saying just how excited you are about the book :) If you mention the book more than once, then I'll put your name in the hat the two or three or four times...just answer here in the blog with the links to where you spoke about the book!!!

I hope this isn't confusing and that you have a good time with it :) I'll announce the winner next Friday!

Good Luck,


Cecile said...

Okay... first let me say that I have it posted on my side bar of Upcoming Releases already (
I hope that constitutes as a chance... because I want this book!!!!
I hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Piercedfreak said...

I really can't wait to read this book!!!! I posted on my Facebook page:

and on my Myspace page:

and it is already on my Want to Read section on Facebook. :) I really can't wait to read this book!!!! Ekk. :)

Tonks71 said...


I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.
Sorry for my english. it's bad.

I have a books's blog and I posted some of your books. I love your work.

Only three was published here. They are:

*When Darkness Comes --->

*Embrace The Darkness --->

*Darkness Everlasting --->

I hope that the others can be published here too.


Alexandra Ivy said...

Oy, I'm green with envy!! I've always dreamed of visiting Brazil!!

Rose, cambio y fuera. said...

Well I've commented the books in my blog, but I'm from Venezuela, so is all in spanish, still counts?? Well any way here they are:

Darkness Revealed:

Darkness Everlasting:

When darkness comes and Embrace the Darknes:

Rose, cambio y fuera. said...


Heather said...

I posted this on my myspace blog. You can check it out here:

Natália Alexandre said...


I'm from Brazil, Salvador - Bahia, and my English is terrible.

I have a blog of books. I love your work, and some of his books have not yet posted for the book Erverlasting Darkiness has not yet been published in my state, I believe to be published in December. But I bought: When Darkness Comes and Embrace The Darkness

I hope that others can be published here as well.

And if you can visit my blog.


P.s: you need to come here in Brazil!!

filifelicia said...

well I put it on my myspace blog at-

and I also put it on my facebook page if you go onto my profile it should be located underneath my picture :)
Felicia Frank

Anonymous said...

Hi Alexandra!

I have the book mention in my "books" section on my My Space page with a photo of the cover and a description, here:

And also in my status on Facebook, here:

Anonymous said...

Another mention here:

Caffey said...

Hi Alexandra! I so love chatting about books! Its more than a joy to do this for you!! I both posted it under my 'contest' section on my blog as well as added the cover with links back to your site as well as the Upcoming books area on my blog!

I too posted it on Facebook: and its posted at the top there with links to your site.
MySpace: on my blog and on notification to my friends (go to blog from this site if this link doesn't work

I'm so excited about this release! YES!! Thanks for all you do Alex!

(I tried to post to Goodreads and Sheflari which are book groups that have recommendations and all, so what I did is add your book to my page so my friends will get notification that I'm recommending your book(s).


Alexandra Ivy said...

Thanks to all of you!! This is fantastic :)

kate t. said...

it's funny that you should make this contest this way... for the last contest you had i had a facebook status discussing the contest and book, how excited i was and how jealous i'd be if someone else won :D.

once again, i have it posted as my facebook status:

and you're now the subject of my newest myspace blog:

i don't twitter, but if i did, you'd be there too :D.

rondalynn7 said...

Hi. I posted 3 times on my facebook page how I couldn't wait for your book to hit shelves. It's posted in the section "about me" and I posted it my wall at:

and in the interests section on my info page at:

Not sure if this would count as three posts or just two. Anyway, have a great weekend!

Vorpaks said...

I am hoping to get my blog stuff up tonight, but in the mean time I wanted to let you know: Darkness Unleashed is available for sale on the Kindle right now. The paperback is still preorder status, to be released Nov 3.

I don't know if you want to let your publisher know so they can correct amazon? It would suck if the sales do not count towards the lists. Although wonderful for your kindle fans. :)

Alexandra Ivy said...

Thanks to every one :) I saw the kindle addition out...don't know if it will hurt the other sales or not :( Ah well...

Tigris Eden said...

But of course! Does it count if I have an upcoming blog interview? If not thats okay will post on my sidebar as well as my main page and blog it up as well! Love you books and can't wait till the next one hits the shelves!

stacy stew said...

You're on my facebook

twitter Stacy_Stewart Check out Darkness Unleashed by Alexandra Ivy http://ivyguardiansofeternity