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Monday, March 23, 2009

Net flix

Okay, I'm stuck again with my netflix :) Have any of you seen any great movies that might be out on dvd? My problem is that I see the previews and tell myself that I'm going to go see the dang thing and then of course I never make it...sigh. That means six months later I can't remember what the heck I wanted to see. So I would really appreciate any suggestions before I end up with an empty queue. God forbid!

Hope all is well,


Anna said...

Here are a few I've enjoyed: Twilight, Max Payne, Mamma Mia, Hancock, Burn After Reading.

Cecile said...

I use my cell phone to help me remember the movies I want to see. I save the list in the drafts of my text message section. What type of movies do you enjoy: horror, comdey, love, suspense??

arwen_adora said...

Hiya Alex!
- Rise of the Lycans
- the mummy 4
- transporter 3
- Batman II
- Wanted
- Hellboy II
- Employee of the Month
Oldies but goodies:
- Just Friends
- Interstate 60
- The Lakehouse
- Constantine
- Miss Potter (beatrix potter)
I could go on and on...hopefully that's given a few you'd like!

Paula said...

I also forget what I want to see. I go to a website called videoeta to jog my memory. I tells me what is new on video this week, next, and in 2 weeks and gives a synopsis of the movie. My problem is I have something like 90 movies in my que but can't stop reading long enough to enjoy a movie. Hope this helps you out.