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Thursday, March 12, 2009


I just stopped a local Walmart, not the one I usually go to (we have three in the area although I live in the middle of nowhere...I keep waiting to wake up and have one in my backyard :)) But I noticed that they had completely redone their book section. It use to be cramped and huddled next to school they've made it three short rows in the middle of the store with most of the new titles prominently displayed. I was pleasantly shocked and it made me wonder (yes, I do use my brain off and on!). Walmart never, ever does anything that isn't for profit so I had to assume that even in these tough times people are buying books. What's the word on the street??? Do you know people who are reading more instead of doing activities that are more expensive?

My random thought of the day,


Cecile said...

Most people that I know, it is a shame to say, don't read. And if they do, only a little. But they have cut their activies by doing things around the house instead of going eat out, they may have a cook-out at their house and invite friends.

PS... I just got finish reading Dante & Abby's story!! OMG!!!! I loved it! I absolutely loved it. Now I am moving on to Viper and Shay's story. I love how you mixed the characters in the story, but not so much that the story seemed over powered by to many characters. Thanks for an awesome read Ms. Alexandra!!

Ada Lato-Esposito said...

Hi Alex...believe it or not I actually wasn't much in2 reading when I was younger. My older sis intro me 2 JL's (Johanna Lindsay) bk when I was 16 yrs old & I read only her bks 4 a while then just stopped. Only re-started reading last yr. Now I read a bk a wk. W/ everything that is going on, it hasn’t made me stop buying my fav bks.

Have a good 1! Ada:)

arwen_adora said...

The bookstores do tend to be crowded lately. I hope reading is up! I agree w/'Cecile'. Too many ppl I know don't read and just 'don't get' why ppl would read for fun!
Now I have a few ppl who are SUPER readers. If you asked them to list the books they've read over the year, the list would be over 100! I guess that's hopeful!
I would say more are reading and/or the same ppl as before are buying more books, as there are sales.

Deborah Raleigh said...

Thanks so much, Cecile!! Since they were my first I will always have a soft spot for Dante and Abby :) I've noticed the bookstores being packed, don't know if its just people browsing or buying!!


neyney said...

There was some philosopher who said that he would buy books and if he had any money left over he would buy food. My family is almost that bad. I need to get a Kindle so I don't have to store all the books in my house, they're taking over! Anyway, everyone I know who reads is not slowing down. If anything they are buying more because a book is relatively cheap entertainment.

Alcott said...

How weird to read this today. We were at WalMart tonight and I was shocked at the change in the book section. The selection went from basic (and somewhat bland) to huge and varied. I found books that were on my list for when I made it to BN/Borders (it is 30 minutes away, so I only hit it every few weeks). Even though I want to support my local bookstore, I can't afford to resist picking up books at a discount.

Just from my office (I work in a decently sized law office), I can see more people reading. We were talking about how expensive entertainment has become and books are the better value. Spending 6 or 7 dollars on a book can kepe you occupied for several hours as vs. 9 dollars for a 90 minute movie. We've also really started passing books around recently.

The other big topic at work for reading has been how EVERYTHING now seems to be a series. I like it that way (sometimes finding a new author you enjoy is a chore). Is that the going trend?

Shela said...

I don't think that that's the case. I've been reading more not because the time are tough, but because nothing else interests me more than a good book. Or at least in recent days.

I used to watch so many films each week but I've lost some interest after realizing that I've seen all of the ones that I wanted to, so I've resorted to looking up novels online, reading excerpts and just going out to the bookstore and pick them up.

So I think it's only a matter of interest. Despite how the economy is, if someone likes to read, they'll do it just as often.

Deborah Raleigh said...

I'm so glad to hear that the trend at Walmart is not just here!!! I do know that reader among younger teens has definately picked up...thank goodness for Harry Potter and Twilight :) I do think that it has to be a mind set. If your English teacher ruined reading for you in school then it's hard to pick it up later...I hope some of the movies that come from books will help to show them that there is more than just boring books to be found! And I absolutely think that series are a trend. I love them so I hope they stick around!