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Monday, February 1, 2010

Invasion and important question

I'm being invaded today by workmen. We're in the process of having our bathroom redone and I put my foot down at having my husband try his hand at plumbing. I love him dearly, but there are just some things that need an expert :) We can handle putting in floors and painting walls and we even put in a new sink! Besides, when I hire someone I can tell them exactly what I want and if I don't like something and if something needs to be redone...the husband...well, not so much!!

I'm also busy working on Tane's story and trying to decide what I want to do for publicity for Salvatore's book. I'd love some imput! I can give away ARCs and blog and so forth, but what makes a reader excited? Is there something you love for an author to do? I really would love to hear your thoughts.



Cecile said...

What makes us excited.. is a chance at getting our hands on the copy. On knowing that soon *even if we do not get it early* it will be in our hands!!
But if you want to blog, you know you are welcome to my place anytime!

Hope the renovations come out great!

Alexandra Ivy said...

Sounds like a date, Cecile :)

Anna Dougherty said...

I really like author contests even if they aren't for an ARC- I just want to read the book:) Author interviews are great too because I like to learn about the writing process and behind the scenes stuff. I've noticed a trend with some authors giving away book swag- shirts, mugs, journals- things that maybe tie into the book.

And like Cecile can always come by my blog and promote- we'd love to have you.


Anonymous said...

Ya interviews are great and who doesn't love a giveaway. I like to have people answer a question. The question asked last time was "Who are some of your favorite male vampires?" and we got some great answers (Viper was mentioned).

Like the others I would love to do an interview and giveaway over at my blog if you're interested. I think I have the most fun because I get to come up with the questions :-) Who doesn't like asking an author they love questions?

Stephanie G

Alexandra Ivy said...

I always love to blog :) Of course I'm never sure what to say, so I like questions!

Anonymous said...

We've got questions! hehe can't blame a fan for trying right?

Good luck with the renovations. I would have them put in a his and hers sink ;-)

Ada said...

Hi Alex...what about if u post some teasers from Salvatore's bk? U can post a chpt, let say, every Fri or any other day of ur choose…I chose Fri cuz it just sounds like a gr8 way 2 end a work wk w/ a juicy sneak peek 2 1 of ur fav upcoming bks…a mth b4 release day. Of course, every1 luves ARCs! *BIG GRIN* Just a thought!

Happy Renova!

Martha Lawson said...

Everything that has been mentioned above sounds great!! Of course, we love getting our hands on the books early!! I wish I could get some renovating done!! Never let a man be a plumber, mine cusses the whole time!!! Good luck with the renovations..

Wendy said...

Something JR Ward has been doing the last couple of books is posting a quote &/or line each day for the month prior to release. Then everyone tries to guess who said it and under what circumstances.

MEMORIES said...

My book buddy and I discussed this question and decided this: it is always exciting to see who you, the author, would use to portray your character in a movie. The picture on the book is good - but who would YOU choose to be Viper??? (Brad with long silver hair???) See, it gets us talking more about your book and also helps to identify when we are reading. Plus, it's just plain FUN!