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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello to all, I hope you're surviving the winter...we have snow, snow, and more snow expected...bleck. At least Valentine's Day is approaching! I think the husband and I will go out tonight rather than wait until Sunday. Not only will the restuarants hopefully be less packed, but there's yet another snow storm that's supposed to hit. We don't have any rituals for the holiday. I love that usual flowers and chocolates and of course, diamonds are always a fine choice :) but I know some couples who have special traditions. What about you???

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!



Vorpaks said...

My husband usually buys me a large gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. ;)

I usually give him whatever I bought at VS... leter... and in the appropriate setting.

Alexandra Ivy said...

Ohhh...I like it :)

Victoria said...

My husband and I go out to dinner at his country club and eat this incredible chocolate pyramid desert.

Alexandra Ivy said...

We went to an lovely Italian restuarant, and he bought me a huge bouquet of be honest, my husband is far more romantic than I am :)

Victoria said...

My husband just came home w a huge bouquet of flowers for me. He hasn't done that in over 12 yrs. Sure a pretty too!