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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


First I want everyone to know that I announced the winner for the ARC at paranormal romance so hop over and check it out! I'm also currently digging out of the lastest snowstorm, while trying to work on Tane's story...oy, I'll be so glad when we have some warm weather :( Even worse I have a tax appointment this weekend. Ah well, eventually spring will arrive and daffadils will be blooming. Until then I'm putting in my Beach Boys cd and making myself a pina colada!

How are you all coping?


Cecile said...

I work in said tax office... And I am counting down the days till April 15th!!!!!!!!!! Do not like the long hours nor working on the weekend.. but hey.. we do what we do!
Hope all is well!

Vorpaks said...

Waiting for yet another snowstorm here... it was so warm yesterday too. Nature is a tease.

Alexandra Ivy said...

I used to love taxes since I always got money back now...not so much :) Oh, and I no what you mean about a tease. We finally got rid of the snow and then it just dumps on us again!

Stephanie G said...

I did my taxes at the beginning of the month. Got a nice refund and now my car is running great. Weather has been alright in my part of California. It was pretty warm a few days last week but the rain started coming in last night. At least no snow right?

Alexandra Ivy said...

Yes, I envy you!!