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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Arrrg, maties, raising a toast for a day of clear skies, calm seas and plenty of ale. Oh, and pox on the scurvy blighters who bring ill winds!


arwen_adora said...

Hiya Alex!
after the POTC movies how could EVERYDAY not be pirate day?
YAY for there being POTC 4 called: On Stranger Tides!!! WOOT! I hope it's about fountain of youth!
Just wanted to check about the FB! I already have ya as a friend on there, just wanted to make sure it was you!
Take care! :)
HOIST THE COLORS!!! vampire THAT would be ultra hot! lol

arwen_adora said...

speaking of pirates...
Just got in the WHEN DARKNESS COMES and devoured it! OH HELLA YUM!!!
Mmmm every girl should have a smexy pirate!
YO,HO! indeed! *sly grin*
and I'm glad to know the VAMPS get the mark too! I thought just the females did! *hope that doesn't spoil it for new readers*