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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well, I've managed to finish up the copy edits for Salvatore's story (Devoured by Darkness) that should be hitting the shelves in April...yeah! Now I'm working on the anthology...I think you'll enjoy it, I've put in familiar characters despite it being a historical, which is the pleasure of having immortals :) Over the next few days, I'll be with my mother. She's going into the hospital for a few tests. At least it will give me the chance to read the new Dan Brown novel that I've been dying to read! I'm also on pins and needles waiting for the new Ilona Andrews book and the new JR Ward book...yum! It seems like there's a whole tide of great books coming out in the next few weeks!

Happy Wednesday to all :)


arwen_adora said...

Hope your mum is a-ok and you enjoy catching up on reading!
LOVE!!! The title for Salvatore's story! (devoured indeed!!!)
CAN'T WAIT to hear how Regan and Jagr get along! (or don't haha!)
Enjoy and keep on writing!!!
Ian was DROP DEAD SENSUAL and can't wait to hear how Raoul fares!!! EPK!!!
Thanks for the good times and LAUGHTER!!! haha!

Amy Huber said...

Best wishes for the hospital visit with your Mom. I hope it goes well.

Enjoy the reading time! I'm anxiously awaiting Ilona's new series too!

I'm with Arwen, I adore Salvatore's title - I think it's my favorite so far.

Calliope said...

I can't wait for the next Immortal book but I wish they'd be more Abby in them! I love her to pieces and would love to see her flex some of the power she's carrying around instead of always just serving as everyone's safe haven.

Vorpaks said...

Hope everything works out well with your mom!

And no fair getting us riled up about an April release when we don't even have Unleashed in our hot little hands. ;) I can't wait to hear more about the Anthology novel! Historical with Immortals... is this a Raleigh/Ivy corssover type? Or purely Ivy in a historical setting?

I recently took a leap of faith and started reading Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters series while I wait for the next round of new releases (Have both Ward and Andrews on pre-order too).

Can I just say 14 book series rock? And so is the fact that I got amazon gift cards for my birthday. I actually have a TBR pile now and am busily munching my way through it.

If you run out of Dan Brown before Covet and Edge release, Lisa Kleypas's newest wallflower book, Tempt me at Twighlight, was very good.

Alexandra Ivy said...

Yow, I can't believe that they are already listing Beyond the Darkness...I haven't even done copy edits yet :) This is the fastest turn around for a book I've ever's crazy but in a good way!!

Cats Meow said...

Hoping all goes well with your mother's tests. I'm a little confused. Is Salvatore's story Beyond the Darkness or Devoured by Darkness. I love both titles and can't wait to read his story.

Cats Meow said...

Oh and I forgot to mention a few other books that you might like coming out next week.

renegade hunter l sands
my wicked vampire nina bangs
big bad wolf c warren
shadowlight lynn viehl

Alexandra Ivy said...

I love the cover for the new Nina Bangs novel! The next book is Salvatore's and its Unleashed by Darkness that will release Nov. then it will be Devoured by Darkness which is Salvatore's story in April!!! Yeah, I'm so happy the books are being released closer together!!