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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dragon Con

So was anyone fortunate enough to go to Comic Con or Dragon Con? Of course I missed both...I'm like a troll that never leaves it cave :( In an effort to ease my pain I'm rewatching all the Buffy episodes. How pathetic is that, sigh.



arwen_adora said...

Missed both and the fan expo! *canada*!
Re watching BTVS is awesome!!! just picked up a 5 episode copy of SPIKE! *meow purr*!!! :)
one day I'll have to get the whole series...I DO have the Angel series...guess that'll have to do...ANGEL PUPPET! *rotfl!!!*

Alexandra Ivy said...

Mmmmm Spike. Always yummy!

Shel said...

I bought the whole Chosen dvd box set and haven't had the chance to break it open yet - I'm jealous!

Alexandra Ivy said...

Oh, there's plenty I should be doing instead :) I just had to take a break before my eyes crossed :)