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Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's Up?

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!! I've finally tossed the last of the cake in the trash and replaced it with bananas...sigh. At least the weather has turned and I can get out of the house to walk. I'm busy working on Salvatore's story and working on my eldest son's graduation party (he's graduating from college...yikes) There's also my youngest son's birthday party, but he's reached that age that I probably won't even see him except when he wants his card :) Other than that I'm trying to ignore the mess building in the house and taking care of all the tedious details of life.

Hope your life is more exciting!


1 comment:

neyney said...

Well your life is more exciting simply by the fact that you're writing a book! Again!!! I wish I had your talent. That being said my 19 yr old son is getting his black belt in karate Saturday at the same time that my 16 yr old daughter has a dance competition across town. Why does that happen? I can go for months and have nothing to do on the weekend and then BLAMMO I have to be two places at the same time on Saturday. Oh well, such is life.