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Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Monday

Is that an oxymoron? Ah well, its early enough that doesn't really feel like a Monday yet :)

The weekend passed in a, not a fun blur :( Just busy, busy. I did get a new toy, however, that's been a lot of fun. I found a Flip camcorder that was super cheap and just had to get it. Now I'm taping everyone and know, generally driving everyone crazy! I'm amazed how easy it is to use and especially how easy it is to download the videos. Technology changes so fast it's hard for us old folks to keep up, LOL.

My next tech investment is an ereader. Still debating which one, but that's my demand for Mother's Day.

What about you all, have you found some new tech toys???

Enjoy your week,


Paula said...

Hi Alex,
I love,love,love my Kindle. I'm sure other ereaders are comparable. I still buy paper books occasionly, because there really is nothing like the feel of turning those pages, but I could not live without my Kindle. Hope you get what you wish for.

Lavenderwillow said...


My husband has a Kindle too and he loves it! Hope you get all of your wishes!