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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Plugging Away :)

Sorry I've been hit or miss lately, I'm struggling with a couple of deadlines that are killer :) It's almost impossible to write with hubby and two college-aged boys constantly underfoot and while I've loved having them around, I'm equally happy to have my house back to myself so I can get some work done...of course first I have to disinfect the three weeks of abuse, starting with the bathrooms :)

On the work side I'm finishing up the short story for the Supernatural anthology. The story will be Uriel's who is on the hunt for Laylah's missing mother! I also bring back Yannah from Devoured by Darkness. (The spirit, or so we think :)

Next up is Ariyal and Jaelyn's story! I've already started and I'm having a great time with the two of them.

Hope everyone is having the happiest of new years!


Victoria said...

I know what you mean about the mess our college boys leave behind. I'm kind of looking forward to Monday when both of mine are back at school and things can get back to normal.
Thanks for all the updates :).

DeesReads said...

I am looking forward to Uriel...very sexy...I mean interesting character. ;-)