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Friday, March 26, 2010

Lovely Review

As the King of the Weres, Salvatore Giuliani knows that with great power also comes great responsibility. For years he has been trying to find the lost purebred females that were stolen from his lab over three decades ago.

Harley has been listening to Caine tell her nightmarish stories of Salvatore for years. When the King shows up on the doorstep, her first instinct is to run but something tells her there is more to the story than him slaughtering her sisters and hunting her down.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Salvatore is tired of being knocked out and kidnapped. When a sexy pureblood female captures him he soon finds himself in more trouble than before because the mating call is upon him and with it his powers are weakening. If he cannot get Harley to mate with him, he may not be able to destroy the supernatural being determined to wipe all Weres off the face of the earth. But how is he supposed to get a female to mate with him when she considers him a deadly enemy?

As part of the Guardians of Eternity series, Beyond the Darkness is full of rich characters from past stories as well as ones that will lead to future tales. Alexandra Ivy brings readers into her world that is full of alpha males, strong females, and a battle that is brewing between supernatural beings. I especially like how independent and strong-willed Harley is, pitting her stubbornness against a King who is determined to protect her at all costs. I cannot wait to see what other wonderful stories she has in store for us!


RB said...

great review!

Martha Lawson said...

Great review! Cannot wait to get my hands on this book. Your books are awesome....

CatsMeow said...

Well deserved compliments in these reviews. keep the books comin'

SoBella Creations said...

Great Review! I can't wait for this to be sent to my kindle. I have pre-ordered the book. So the 1st can not arrive fast enough. Re-read Styx book last night. Will probably re-read Darkness Unleashes sometime this week.