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Friday, March 19, 2010


I used to think that it would be insanely cool to have a yummy elf like Legolas show up at my door :) Now I'm thinking I would prefer those tiny elves that arrive in the middle of the night and get all your work done while you're sleeping...yeah, that sounds pretty close to paradise right now :)

Have a fantastic weekend!!


Vorpaks said...


My house is infested with the kind that come in at night and hide all your important stuff. Like keys, random tax forms, a single earring, or that thing you borrowed from your mother-in-law and she wants it back tomorrow. Then you find them later at the bottom of the toy box or in the refridgerator.

I hate those guys.

Alexandra Ivy said...

Or the gremlins that are infecting my bathroom so it will never, ever be done with the remodeling...bleck.

Martha Lawson said...

When the elves get through at your house cleaning, send them on over to my house!! Boy, could I use them!!

Alexandra Ivy said...

It's going to be awhile :) Unless they have magic wands there's a lot to clean!