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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A lovely review from Romance Junkies!

Opposites attract and that’s exactly what happens with Salvatore and Harley when they find out that they are meant to be more than just enemies.

Harley is not your average girl, she’s been deceived all of her life and she knows something isn’t quite right. Harley has been taught that Salvatore is her enemy and is out to kill her, but when she meets him face to face she finds out the truth is a different story all together. Now they must run from the ones who want to see them dead and in the process deal with the fact that they are meant to be mates.

Salvatore Giuliani is not your average were, he’s the king of the weres and instantly recognizes Harley as his mate. He thought he lost her and her sisters years ago when they were kidnapped from his nursery. Now that he has her back, he won’t let her go. First they have to get rid of the evil that is stalking them and trying to kill off his clan. Can he convince Harley that she should be ruling at his side?

Alexandra Ivy has an amazing knack for creating memorable characters and enticing plots. Salvatore has to be the sexiest thing on two or four legs. He has an alpha tendency that he was obviously born with and a deep seated sensuality that will knock your socks off. Harley is a straight forward butt kicking woman who is used to taking care of herself and relying on no one else. Her mistrust is blatant in the beginning, but as the story moves on we quickly learn why. Together this couple is TNT and then some and their love scenes are intense and smoking hot. This is the first book in the GUARDIANS OF ETERNITY series that I have read and I can honestly say that I am hunting down the other books to read as well.

Romance Junkies


Vorpaks said...

Still waiting for my kindle version but I did pick up a copy in B&N and read a little. It was VERY hard to put it back on the shelf when it was time to go!

*waits impatiently for April 1st*

Victoria said...

Great review. She needs to go back and read all the others to really appreciate Salvatore.

Anita McCaskey said...

I bought BTD today! Can't wait to read it! I already flipped to the back to read an excerpt for Tane's story b/c I wanted to know who his HEA is! I was surprised! Anyway, happy release day!!