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Monday, July 27, 2009

New Week!

Oy, I'm still running behind :) I need to ask my mother if I was born late! Still working on Salvatore's story and trying to keep up with all the usual summer events as well as getting my oldest son ready to go off to graduate school. I was also checking on my list of books to buy for the upcoming fun, although I was surprised by the number of books coming out in hardback. How do you feel about that? Do you go ahead and buy them or do you wait for the paperback release?? I'm torn. There are authors I know I'm going to read over and over so I prefer a hardback, but then again, it does limit the number of books I can buy...sigh.



Vorpaks said...

I usually wait for the paperbacks myseld. Not necessarily because of the price, but because the hardbacks won't fit in my purse or diaper bag. :) I have a hard time justifying paying $26 for a book when I know I am going to pick up the paperback when it comes out anyway.

BUT... now that I have the kindle I admit that I buy the book on the day of release. They are usually only $9.99 and I don't mind paying the few dollars more when I MUST HAVE THEM!

Because of this I am in the ironic position of actually paying more for a lot of my books now that I have the kindle then I did before. For example, I will most likely pay the $9-$15 dollars for JAK's Obsidian Prey when it comes out, when previously I would have waited for the paperback and only payed $7.

Sneaky technology....

wcvamp said...

for me it depends on the author and the series, if i know i am going to read the book over and over again, i don't mind hardback, but if i want to read it just to read or to make sure i have all in the series, then i will wait for paperback and in the meantime check it out from the library.
Now for books that come out Tsp- it doesn't matter,
i am rough on my books so i do pefer the paper, they are more bendable :)
I do want a kindle also, and i think that will be good for those books that only come out in ebook format and will be able to try new authors also and then i can still get the paperback for the rest of my series.

Deborah Raleigh said...

I love my kindle for that as well, but I've heard that some publishers are going to push back the date of the erelease to make sure more people buy the hardback...annoying :(

Shel said...

The thing about ebooks that dumbfounds me is that for a lot of new releases (when the book is only out in hardcover) the ebook price is the same as the hardcover price - isn't the point of the price difference between HC & PB the increased cost of the materials (at least partially)? Ebooks should cost much less than a HC, because it's electronic, no material costs. I would never pay $20 for an ebook.

As for HCs, I will buy them for certain books, like the Stephanie Plums, but most books I can wait for the PB and read the HCs from the library.

Wendy said...

For me it depends on the series. If it's something I'm likely to read over and over I'll buy the hardcover. With Barnes and Noble offering discounts on preorders and occasionally sending out coupons for additional $'s off sometimes the hardcover price turns out to be only a few dollars more than the paperback price. For example I just preordered the new Sherrilyn Kenyon and after coupons and discounts only paid $12.47.

As for paperbacks, if it's in a series I'm likely to read again and again I try to find it via one of the book clubs in hardback. They hold up so much better and I prefer the printing method. Ink doesn't often smudge or come off on my hands with a hardback.

Deborah Raleigh said...

Yep, I love hardbacks for those series that I read over and over, but now I have a kindle I'm still pondering whether or not to download at full price or wait and hope it comes down...hmmm. I do know that my reading addiction is still a lot cheaper than many other hobbies :)