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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Good News

Just discovered that DARKNESS EVERLASTING has been nominated as a RT Choice Award for best vampire novel of 2008...what a fabulous way to start the New Year!!

I hope everyone enjoyed your Christmas. Mine was wonderful, except for the weather, I swear it went from below zero to sixty degrees in the course of one day...we had an ice storm one morning and then a thunderstorm the next night. Crazy :( Santa was very good to me and best of all the family all got together. We still have one more Christmas dinner (my poor waistline) and then it's on to a new year!

So tell me, what was your favorite gift this year??



Anonymous said...

Hi Alex...let's c now, my fav prezzie was having the opport 2 read ur ARC that I won. This is what I posted on a another grp that I'm member on;

Hi Ladies...just wanted 2 let no u that I was very fortunate to have won an ARC of AI’s next instalment 2 her GOE series, DR(Darkness Revealed) due out Mar 09. As always, author AI out does herself...Conde Cezar’s bk is unputdownable. The story is packed w/ danger, action & the 1 thing that I luv most of her way of storytelling...a gr8 dose of sense of humour. I really enjoyed c’ing all her previous sinfully delich vamps in the story & as well we get the pleasure of b’ing intro 2 a new character who 2 MOI is the MOST dark, dangerous & emotionally wounded of all vamps, Jagr...OH! I’m so looking 4ward 2 how his story will b played out in DU(Darkness Unleashed) due out Dec 09. Readers r in 4 a treat!

Just thought I share w/ u. Have a gr8 rest the wkend. Ada:)

Carpathian Queen said...

Alexandra, congrats on the nomination!!! It's well deserved!!

Ada, oooh you make me sooo jealous! I can't wait to get this book! The little teaser on the site was great!!

We don't give presents at Xmas, only the kids... Newyear is present time... lol

But Merry Xmas and Happy Newyear to all of you!!!

Alexandra Ivy said...

Ada soooo delighted you enjoyed the was alot of fun to write! CQ I hope you get a lot of wonderful presensts for New Years!

neyney said...

Congrats on the award nomination you totall deserve it!

Man I wish I would have discovered the blog when you were giving the new book as a prize! Ada I'm soooo jealous! I guess I'll have to wait till March *sigh*

As to Christmas I got a GPS and I really need it because I have a lousy sense of direction and take my daughter all over the country for Irish Dance competitions.

Happy New Year to everyone

Alexandra Ivy said...

I love Irish dancing :) What a fun hobby!

neyney said...

Thanks Alex! We love Irish Dancing too so I guess that's why my daughter has been doing this since she was 9 (she's now 16). It's a fun hobby and my daughter is in terrific shape. I'm just her roadie, financier, and chauffeur.

Have a wonderful New Years Holiday and again congratulations on the award nomination. I'll be crossing my fingers that you get it.

arwen_adora said...

Hiya Alex! WOOT that you had a good Xmas and SOME good weather!!! Santa is such a sweetheart sometimes! And the seeing ppl is AMAZING!!!
CONGRATS! *high fives* on winning best vamp novel (or nominated) for /08!!! Mmmm good stuff! lol
My fav friend gave me some news that made me go
0_0 *in shock and awe*, and nothing can top that!
The next best gift was just a lil time off from work to see/talk to family/friends!!! WOOT and a HALF!!!
Happy Holidays and Happy 09!!!