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Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice, ice everywhere

Yes, we were hit by the ice storm that hit the Midwest which means we’ve been without electricity off and on for the past two days…I don’t think there’s anything worse L I can’t get out to go anywhere, I can’t depend that the computer isn’t going to go out any minute…heck, I can’t even go to the bathroom without taking a candle just in case! I HATE winter.
I’ve also been informed by several very helpful readers who have pointed out a number of piracy sites where my books are being downloaded for free…sigh. I’m not sure if the people who do this don’t think an author should earn a living at her or his chosen career or if they are just the sort who don’t mind breaking the law, but what truly outrages me is the insult to other readers. Do they think that they are better than those people who spend their hard earned money on a book? Do they think they are somehow special to not only steal from the author but to hand around their stolen booty to their friends? To my mind it’s no different from shoplifting or lifting the wallet from my purse. All I know is that these sites threaten the very books they supposedly loved. Do they truly think that when an author can no longer make a living writing books they will continue to do so? They threaten all readers with losing their favorite authors.
I’d like to hear your opinion (even if it’s different from my own J) Perhaps some readers have a different take on the piracy sites!



Anna said...

Yeah, I so over winter. We are under a Winter Storm Watch. It hasn't hit us yet, but it's on its way. ick!

Hope have a good Holiday!

Anonymous said...

Evening Alex...I 2nd ur thought re hating winter, it's bloody freezing here in MTL.

Sorry 2 hear about ur bks b'ing downloaded 4 free.:(On the subject of bks, guess what? YUP! My prezzie *wink* arrived 2day...can't wait 2 dive in2 it.

Thanx again,


Daiva said...

i feel the same way about downloading books or music or movies for free. i can't make myself do it. many of my friends have limewire or programs like it to download music for free... but... i would just rather spend that 99 cents on a song and be done with it.
as for books i never really even considered downloading one. mostly because i hate reading a book on a computer. i need to feel the paper in my hands. =]]
there was a storm here too. i have to say i'm a little glad that we're going to have a white Christmas but the snow does have it's problems. like trying to hike a mile to work in 8 inches of snow. not fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely,it is paramount to stealing.It is THEFT, and can no doubt make you hesitant to continue producing great books if the end result is theft.

neyney said...

I would never download anything I didn't pay for. I'm a big believer in what goes around comes around and don't want the bad "karma". I've attempted writing myself and am in awe of authors and songwriters. It would be very wrong to steal someone's work of creativity that way. I pay for what I want.

Now as to the weather, come down to Texas. It's cold today but dry as a bone. We get the occasional icestorm but most of the winter we are in the 40's which for this native Texan is plenty cold enough for me! Bring on the 102 degree summers over this stuff anyday.

Shel said...

AHHH! I hate winter too! It's been awful here in Illinois so far and it's just started.

As for the pirates, I don't necessarily agree with it, but perhaps the best way for you to look at it (so that you don't want to kill someone) is that the people who are downloading on these sites probably would not have purchased the book or e-book anyway... Maybe not helpful, but I tried.

Daiva said...

i had a really interesting discussion in my health and media class today. we talked about how with the internet the line between private and public is blurred. with the issue of piracy i think that it's a line that is very blurred now too. more and more people, especially teenagers are growing up in a society where getting free things of the internet is just a fact of life. it's the sad truth but most authors are getting ripped off online now and many find no fault with it because it's just how it's "always" been. i just thought i'd share my sudden wisdom...=]]
oh by the way HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone! Hope this season brings all the best!

Paula said...

We also just had a discussion in my house about piracy. My nephew's mother is downloading movies that are in theatres. Yesterday she got 7 pounds with Will Smith. She asked if we wanted to borrow it and I said no way. When my nephew asked why, I said that it is just like going into a store and stealing something. It is wrong. It is up to us to let the kids know how we feel about this and that it is wrong.
Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!!!

arwen_adora said...

Ice and especially Black Ice is the scariest thing! Especially b/c I like to wear RUNNERS! like playing a not-so-fun game of slip n' slide!
Hmm piracy sites are as a rule...a HUGE no-no!
Though I DO like spoilers!
I haven't had a spoiler YET that has stopped me from later PAYING for a book/movie etc.! So I think it's like...a prelude to buying...that's hopefully the idea!
b/c I can't get enough of spoilers! lol
When it HARMS others and goes against their livelihood...then of course, it's a HUGE HUGE no-no!