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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Coming Soon

Okay, I'm in the middle of changing my internet service...which means that I have to change my email address. I swear it's as bad as moving, I can't believe how many things I've had to switch around. Once everything's settled and I have the web site changed over to my new address, I'll be holding my first contest for an ARC of Darkness Unleashed!!

Stay tuned and enjoy these last days of summer :)



Cecile said...

Oh yayayay **rubbing hands together and looking like a child at Christmas**

I am sorry to hear about the hassle of the email change... yea, it never seems like there is a lot to change... but just change it and you realize how much needs to be done! Hope the transition goes smooth for you!!!

Amy Huber said...

This whole summer has been crazy. It is almost over and I thought it just started!

Hopefully the new service will be worth the hassle.

Happy August!

Deborah Raleigh said...

Thanks :) I've been with this company since computers were invented (or at least it seems like it) but onward and least that's the plan!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Cant belive that summer is almost over! My kids start school in a week...crazy!!
So cant wait for DU!!!!
Take care.

wcvamp said...

I let a co-worker borrow my books of yours and she absolutley loved them, now you have another fan, just thought to let you know