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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Movie Update

Okay, I made it to see Wolverine...Hugh Jackman...yum :) A good movie, my one complaint would be I would have loved to see more Gambit. I thought he was a fascinating character...I hope they'll have another xman with him and the others! I also saw Star Trek. I thought it was a lot of fun. For those who prefer the Next Generation this might not be your's more campy like the original series. I thought they did a good job with the actors who played the main characters, especially Spock, although I have to admit he'll always be Sylar to me! What's your thoughts???



Caffey said...

Alexandra, I can't wait til that comes to DVD (got to wait since I need the captioning - I'm deaf) but I don't watch much movies but I saw Hugh Jackman on the Oscars and others chatting about him so I'm looking forward to finally seeing one of his movies!!

Cathie - a reader of yours (both your names :)

wcvamp said...

so this has nothing to do with the movies, but i am just dying to know.... when does your next book come out... ?

Deborah Raleigh said...

Jagr's book, Darkness Unleashed, will be hitting the shelves in December! As soon as I get the cover art I'll be sure and post it. Oh, and I'll be having a contest for an advanced copy something in the fall! Stay tuned!

arwen_adora said...

Hiya Alex!!! *waves*
I have yet to see either and it's killing me! haha!
I heard Star Trek was excellent for fan/non-fan alike!
I am MOST a fan of ST:TNG but campy is awesome too!
MMMMmmmm Gambit! He was always my fav of the cartoon series and he looks COOL/YUMMY in the movie!
glad you got to enjoy!
Live long and Prosper!

neyney said...

My hubby, my daughter and myself went to the Thursday showing at our local IMAX of Star Trek. I have to "out" myself here and say that I was a major Trekkie in the 70's when I was a teenager. I went to the conventions, wore the t-shirts, and memorized all the dialog from every episode. I've since moved on but my love for the original ST remains. Having said all this I LOVED the new Star Trek movie! It was so faithful to the original & I felt like a teen again. I'm not going to give away anything but let's just say that the time travel idea wiping out the canon storyline was brilliance! It's as if you can start over and completely disregard the previous series' I loved Quinto's Spock & Pine's Kirk but also loved the other actors too. When Bones called Spock "a pointy eared hobgoblin" I rejoiced! The Checkov gag was fabulous & the "swollen hands" scene between Kirk and Bones was hysterical. My daughter originally came for the popcorn but by the end she wanted to see it again. High praise indeed!