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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Here

My Kindle finally arrived and I LOVE it!!! My greatest fear was being too much a tech-idiot to use the thing, but thank goodness you don't have to figure out anything but how to turn it on...yeah. Even downloading books is simple as pie (although I live so far out in the boonies that I have to download to my computer and put on the Kindle). Trust me, if I can do it ANYONE can :)

So far I've downloaded Lover Avenged (which I'm currently reading), Plum Spooky and Charlaine Harris' new book. Still on the list to get is Amanda Quick.

For anyone on the fence, I think you'll like the Kindle, especially if you need something super easy!

Have the rest of you read Ward's new book yet? Without giving any spoilers what do you think? What about your thoughts on your fav urban fantasies? I'm getting more and more into them...sigh. Just what I need. Another genre to buy :)

Have a good one,


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex…congrats on recieving ur Kindle.
I read JR’s LA & it was ‘Sorprendente…Sensazionale!’
I just luv JR’s way of writing. I could jump right back in2 her storyline after a few pgs of a new bk of her's…even if I read her last 1 a yr ago. Everything just comes flashing back. It’s nice 2 have seen that she integrated all of her characters in this bk, as they all made an appearance espec that oh so sexy sinful vamp, Rhage. He’s so delich even w/ flip flops on & sucking his fav lollipop. *fanning myself* As always JR takes her readers on 1 he** of a ride. It’s a shame we all have 2 wait till Dec 2010 2 read what will happen next w/ JM in Lover Mine.

Anna said...

I finished reading Lover Avenged last week and I loved it. So much better than the last book.

An Urban fantasy you might want to check out is S.J. Day's Eve of Darkness. Another great read. I liked it more than I thought I would.


wcvamp said...

I loved this book, i love how you got to see everybody, except for some of the females, but it was awesome.
A awesome UF author is Patricia Briggs- mercy thompson series- awesome....

Deborah Raleigh said...

I'm loving the book...too much, I need to be working :) I haven't tried SJ Day, but I love the Mercy series...didn't care as much for the Charles story, I'm not really sure why.

Paula said...

So happy you love your kindle. I love mine too. I find that I can zip through a book so fast with my kindle. I love how the print is so crisp and clear. Sometimes a print book is a little fuzzy. I'll have to check out Lover Avenged, everyone seems to like these books alot.