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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Thanks for all the wonderful've picked out some of my fav covers! I think the confusion with Only with a Rogue is that the title of the actual anthology is different from the title of the overall book :) Also I made a mistake in saying it is Darkness Unleashed...sigh. That's what I get for doing too many things at once! It's an ARC for Darkness Revealed...I'm soooo sorry for any confusion and I promise not to try to blog again before my morning Pepsi!

Have a fantastic weekend,


Barbara said...

LOL! Either way, either way, I love your stories! Enter me please!!

Janelle said...

I knew something was wrong. there was no way u were giving out an ARC of Darkness Unleashed before Darkness Revealed was released

neyney said...

That's ok Alex. I'll even forgive you for being a Pepsi drinker. I'm a coca-cola gal myself and don't dring coffee. I'm a bit muddled until I get my coke in the morning. At any rate I still love the "Rogue" cover. Crossing my fingers that you pick me for the ARC.

neyney said...

LOL obviously I need my coke already I wrote dring not drink! See we all make mistakes.