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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where has January gone?

Wow, the days are flying past (and no cracks about getting old :) and February is almost upon us. I'm ready for spring, but of course, I'm ALWAYS ready for spring and I really need the time to slow down so I can get some work done! I never, never, never schedule enough time between contracts and end up making myself crazy...ah well. On the other hand I'm very excited by the news that I have some wonderful cover quotes from my very favorite authors!! Angela Knight was gracious enough to give a quote for Darkness Revealed (the next book) while both Gena Showalter and Jade Lee have written wonderful quotes for Darkness Unleashed. I'll be honest...I'm star struck! Not only are these ladies fabulous authors, but terrific ladies as well. I feel very blessed.

I hope your winter is going well and that soon we can all be out basking in the sun!



neyney said...

It's good to see that other authors are recognizing your talent too. Here's hoping that you start getting even more recognition as the year progresses.

To me January has appeared to drag but that is probably because as March approaches I going to be horrendously busy and I'm dreading it. The only time of year anyone wants to see "Riverdancing" is in March around St. Patricks Day and my daughter is booked solid for the entire month! Oh well at least I'll have your book to look forward to in March, I can't wait for that.

arwen_adora said...

WOOT! I adore Gena Showalter's book(s) (I've only read one but it was GOOD!)!!! I'm so happy they've taken the time to quote and support you!!! Can't think of a greater blessing!!!
*high fives* :)