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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lovely Review from The Romance Reviews

BLOOD ASSASSIN is a great book that I enjoyed immensely! This is the second book in a new series, The Sentinels, by Alexandra Ivy. Let me just say that this is a world that has intrigued and captivated me to no end.

The story features Serra and Fane. It had an interesting set-up that got things off to a strong start when Serra's life is in danger. She and Fane have to work together in a desperate race against time. Everything is at stake with a war to prevent between the humans and the High Bloods, not to mention a missing child and Serra's own life.

Fane and Serra have always wanted each other but there were some obstacles standing in the way. Most notably, Fane doesn't think that he can give Serra what she needs so he was determined to walk away. Needless to say that he steps up when it comes down to it. Fane is a Sentinel Guardian alpha male and he is determined to protect his woman. It was interesting to see the fireworks between them once they were pushed together in a crisis.

Of course, the writing was excellent, and the pacing was good with subplots involving the secondary characters that piqued my interest. The entire story was strewn with action, intrigue and emotional angst. The plot had twists and turns and plenty of surprises. It was impossible to guess what would happen next.

I am hooked. Hopelessly hooked and already looking forward to the next book. I would definitely recommend this book. I'll give it four stars!

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