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Sunday, March 3, 2013


I’ve had a few questions about my upcoming LEVET book. It’s a short-short story (around 15,000 words) and while it focuses on Levet it’s not his love-story which I’m still working on . There is another couple, Valla and Elijah. You’ll remember Valla as the nymph that Jaelyn was forced to leave behind in the slaver’s prison. I’ve always regretted leaving her there and needed to figure out a way for her to have her HEA. (Yes, I know she’s a character in a book, but she’s real to me). This is Levet’s coming home story. His opportunity to confront his family! Also, for those who are wanting the story in print, my publisher will be putting it in the back of DARKNESS AVENGED coming in June as a bonus novella!!! I think this should answer most questions!!! Alex


Victoria said...

I'm so looking forward to this. Like most of us I love Levet and want him to be happy :).

Alexandra Ivy said...


Cylver said...

As Levet might say, Ooh la la, c'est fantastique!