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Friday, December 16, 2011

Another lovely review : Jaelyn is the kind of leading lady I love! She is a sarcastic, strong lady, but underneath it all is just a woman with a passionate and vulnerable side. Ariyal turns into quite the leading man. I love how Ivy’s leading men are never Prince Charmings, but show they have flaws. The banter and chemistry sizzles amongst the pages and you start rooting for the couple to overcome all obstacles. I wish there were more scenes with Levet. That is my only complaint. There is something about that little French gargoyle that always brings a smile to my face. Maybe it's because he catches all the ladies hearts, while irritating the males. This book has it all demons, spirits, wizards, trolls, ogres and zombies, Oh my! Ivy also gives you a taste of whats to come with Santiago and Nefri. The peek behind the veil has you wanting to see what will happen and leaves you wishing you could see it now. This Guardian's of Eternity fan will be holding her breath till I get my next fix in the world Ivy has created! By Lindsey with United By Books

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