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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Belated Valentine from Troy, Prince of Imps :)

Troy, the Prince of Imp’s Top Ten Valentine Day Tips
10. Love might not be for sale, but I am.
9. Bling, bling, bling. Oh yeah, did I forget the bling?
8. A Valentine Day without chocolate is like sex without a partner.
7. An imp in hand is worth forty fairies in a bush. Trust me, I’ve had both.
6. Need shopping tips? Always trust a drag queen.
5. You can judge a man by the champagne he orders. Cristal Brut = keeper!
4. Looking good is more important than being good.
3. Only a real man can rock the spandex.
2. Love was meant to be shared. And shared. And shared.
1. Every day is better with a bit of magic!


John said...
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Anita M. said...

Alexandra, you've been pretty quiet lately. I hope that means you are writing Santiago's story! LOL What is the news from Ivy Land???

Reading new books out by Lora Leigh and Maya Banks while patiently awaiting a new one from you!

Have a good day!


Stella Price said...

Oh i love Troy (not as much as Levet... but... )

We need more stuff from Troy... hes just fun.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I'm not much for Valentine's Day but I wouldn't mind spending it with you Troy :-D

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven

Victoria said...

How sweet!

Patricia said...

So many true words, so many wishes, loved the truth in them.
I'm already missing another story from our guardians, those sexy creatures that keep us dreaming in the night...

liz said...

Hope we see some more of Troy in the next book- he makes me laugh. Can't wait for the next book

Alexandra Ivy said...

Thanks so much, everyone!! I'm hard at work on Ariyal's story...and Santiago is a big part of it :) I miss chatting with everyone but I'll be back :)

Anita M. said...

Awesome to hear Santiago is receiving more page space! Thank you!!

Susan Kane said...

Send the list to David Letterman. He could use something original. Susan

Erin Kane Spock said...

This was fun. I love #3 and now am singing "Tangerine Speedo" in my head. That's going to make it hard to write Elizabethan era. Lol.