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Monday, May 17, 2010

Pressing toward the end

Still working on Tane's book and starting to plot for the anthology...I'm crazy busy, like everyone else :) but it doesn't really matter since it doesn't do anything but rain here :( I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!

Any one have vacation plans??



Berinn said...

Just returned from an incredible week in Hawaii. Now it's back to the day job and trying to finish my manuscript in the evenings.

Victoria said...

This will be year three with no vacation. About to tell hubby things are going to get nasty if I don't see an ocean soon.

Alexandra Ivy said...

Oh Berinn, you're killing me :) I agree Victoria...I need me a beach!

Anita M. said...

Just secured 6 FREE airline tickets for my family to fly to NM for our 2 week "Great McCaskey Family Vacation out West". Starting in Alburquerque where I have family and friends -- hitting Santa Fe and Los Alamos then up to Durango, CO to take the kiddos for a ride on a real steam engine train through the Rockies; Mesa Verde - over to Bryce and Zion Nat'l Parks in Utah, then wrapping it up at the Grand Canyon and Sedona in AZ.

We've been planning this trip for a few years, but have been waiting for our youngest to be a bit older (he'll be 6 in June). Plus it seems every summer we had family members getting married.

Can't wait!


DM said...

My vacation is gonna be epic! The first day that school gets out I'm going on a cruise to the Caribbean’s (with a possibility of parasailing, yay!) then I'm gonna go to Tennessee with my family in some twenty-roomed cabin!! And THEN I'm going in an RV trip to California and back and stopping at every state in between!! (Gosh, I'm tired just thinking about it!)

I can't wait for Tane's story to come out! He seems like a very interesting character to try and figure out. And Levet! OMG, where did our tiny gargoyle friend go!! D: