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Monday, April 19, 2010


Okay, I got the computer up and running...I'm pretty sure it has all sorts of fun bells and whistles but I don't have time to check them out :) Tane's book needs to be in New York by the end of May and he's not cooperating at all...dang vampire. Or maybe it's all the other characters that keep popping up and making trouble!

I'll try to keep updates here, but I'm in deadline mode, so if I disappear for awhile there's no need to send out the rescue team. Although, if they happen to handsome, half, no, no....have to concentrate....



Victoria said...

Good luck and thanks for the updates.

SalGal said...

I can hardly wait for the delectable Tane. You left me gasping for more. Going to be hard to wait untill December! Santiagos a bit yummy as well, hope to hear more from him. Your stories are amoung my favorite series of books. Keep them coming love love them! Big fan!

arwen_adora said...

fingers crossed that Tane's only naughty in a good and creative way!
Wish you: Peace and Happiness on your deadline!

Anonymous said...

::does excited dance of joy::