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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas To Me!

"Alexandra Ivy has me hooked on this series, craving it like I would the finest chocolates."

Alexandra Ivy created a winner with this combination of sexy, gorgeous hero, a courageous heroine who's more than a match for him, sly humor, action, magic and hot passion guaranteed to sizzle a page or two.

Regan, kidnapped and abused from young, is a pureblood Were who was finally rescued from her kidnapper, Culligan. However, when Culligan escaped, she vowed not to rest until she has him in her grasp and exacts her revenge. However, she didn't account for Jagr, a smokin' hot vamp who fired her blood the moment she set eyes on him.

Sexy, gorgeous, muscled, virile hero (really, any other description for a hero, anyone?) Jagr, a reclusive vampire who had been tortured for centuries, is sent to bring Regan back home to her sister in Chicago. However, he understood her need for revenge, having undergone the same thing himself years ago. Attracted and unable to help himself, he joined forces with her to track down her ex-kidnapper.

Ms. Ivy's world is one wherein demons (referring to vamps, weres, imps and just about anything non-human) live under the humans' noses in disguises or passed themselves out as humans. I think the premise here is that the humans generally don't know that the demons live among them, except for some special people, such as those who had been in the service of the demons for years as caretakers, housekeepers, etc. Vamps belong to clans and weres to packs, and there exist a sort-of harmony/peace between the two tribes, but it only takes for something to happen and an all-out war would flare between them. There are other demons, of course, such as imps, trolls, gargoyles, etc. Nothing new in this nor in the way both main characters fight their attraction to one another, but the story has more twists and turns than a labyrinth which surprised me in a pleasant way.

There are lots more things I love about this book. There's the strong heroine and her humor and the real issues Regan brought to the relationship. There's the way Regan's character grew and developed over the course of the story, in the way meeting Jagr changed her and the way she suddenly realized how her priorities have changed. There's the way Jagr opened up a bit about himself to Regan early on in the book (about 100 pages into the book) and it is as a result of this that they have their first intimate moment. All too often in some books, sex happened for no reason other than that it's time to have a sex scene. And there's the way Jagr oozed all those protective male testosterone... *melts* He's utterly yummy.

And regarding the descriptions, we have an insight into the way each character viewed the other party toward the middle of the book. Yes, they're still attracted to the other's physical attributes, but there's something more, something deeper.

Regan on Jagr: Icily aloof and yet so terribly vulnerable. Strong and yet tender. Raw, ruthless power with the soul of a scholar.

Jagr on Regan: His tiny Were, with the soul of a warrior and the innocence of an angel.

Apparently, like all the heroines in the series, I also like Levet! I'm sure I'm not the only reader with this sentiment. He provided comic relief, and I'm certain there was once or twice when he stole the scene completely from the main characters. I'm eager to read the other books, if only for Levet, but that's not the entire reason. Ms. Ivy has me absolutely hooked on this series.

I'm happy to say that this book is a standalone and it's not necessary to read the other books in order to understand it, since this is my first Guardians of Eternity book as well. But I'm getting the other books while I wait for Salvatore's story.

Rating: 5 stars

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Amy Huber said...

It sounds like you're ending a great year on a high note!! Congratulations!

Merry Christmas!


Alexandra Ivy said...

Thanks so much, Amy!! And happy holidays to you :)

Cindy said...

Congradulations. You have earned all the high praise you have gotten for this wonderful series. I absolutely love the world you have created. When we met at your book signing in DeKalb it was great to learn that you are continuing this series. Thank you for creating such a fabulous world.
Happy Holidays,

Alexandra Ivy said...

Hi Cindy, wonderful to hear from you...I hope your holiday season is merry and bright :)

Alta said...

Yay you!
What a great Christmas present. I'm still a newbie, finished book one, clearing through the library books on my shelf to get to book two - I'm really excited about it.
Hope you guys get a white Christmas on your side of the state, we're supposed to get one on ours!

Do you write during the holidays?

Alexandra Ivy said...

I'll be writing all the way through the holidays...sigh. No one's fault but my own for signing the contracts :) We might get a sprinkling of snow, but for now its a dreary rain...yuck!

Cecile said...

Ms. Alex!!!!! You rock honey!!!!
Happy Dance Congrats Happy Dance
Happy Dance Congrats Happy Dance
Happy Dance Congrats Happy Dance
Happy Dance Congrats Happy Dance
Happy Dance Congrats Happy Dance
Happy Dance Congrats Happy Dance

Yayayayayayayaya for you!!!!

Ms. Alex, from my family to yours ~ Wishing you a very blessed, warm, love filled, Merry Christmas!

Martha Lawson said...

The reviewer is absolutely correct!! This is a fantastic series and I love it. Always wanting to read another one. I adore Levet!! Merry Christmas..

Alta said...

I don't think I could do the writing through the holidays...not with all four kids home from school. On the bright side - you've got signed contracts :)

We're expecting 4-7 inches out this way, and 30 mph winds, so it could be near blizzard conditions.

My kids wanted a white Christmas, they just may get it!

Alexandra Ivy said...

Thanks so much Cecile and Martha, and happy holidays! And Alta I hope you enjoy the snow!

Rose, cambio y fuera. said...

Ok, that was a really great description, it says exactly how I feel about the series!!!